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Student Spotlight: Sue B Takes the Veil -

Raksanna’s note: I’m so blessed to meet amazing, inspirational women through belly dance. One such lady is Sue B. She’s a corporate professional, has a great sense of humor, is beautiful, is a widow and loves belly dance. She’s an inspiration to me and I’m honored to receive her permission to print her newest work, I Have Taken the Veil.  Please enjoy.

I Have Taken the Veil

By Sue B

I have taken the veil

Not the black surge that conceals

Rather the gossamer silk that reveals


Not the call to worship of the fragrant censor

Rather the zill’s call [...]

How to Create and Lead an Amazing, Drama-Free Belly Dance Troupe -

Chicago is filled with buzz these days. The Black Hawks, our hockey team, just won the prized Stanley Cup – the championship trophy awarded annually to the National Hockey League (NHL) playoff winner at the end of the Stanley Cup Finals.

As I shared the excitement and pride with my fellow Chicagoans, I thought about the Hawks and what made them successful. Then, I thought about my team, Raksanna’s Near East Dance Ensemble, and what makes us successful – and found startling similarities. Here’s what I discovered:

Rules: A Must Have – Certainly, belly dancers are very creative, free-thinking individuals. But the reality [...]
Tragedy, Teamwork and Tenacity -

Raksanna’s note: In my last article, “How to Create a Drama-Free Troupe,” I shared tips and techniques about leadership and team dynamics. This follow up article showcases how effectively harnessing the power of the team can allow you to achieve great things. Enjoy!

New York City! Nearly every performing artist dreams of making it in the Big Apple and I’m certainly no exception. For years, I’ve dreamed of bringing belly dance and putting it on the big stage in the world’s capital of entertainment. Off Broadway called and I listened …. And saw the bright lights in my dreams.

The [...]

How to Manage Your Love Life while Having a Love Affair with Belly Dance -

Let’s face it. Belly dance strikes a deep chord in most of us. We feel beautiful, creative and artistic – and all too soon, we fall in love with ‘the other person’ that is belly dance. If we are not careful, it can become all-consuming and can cause damage to our real-life relationships.

Over the past several years, I’ve written three books and then directed and produced the corresponding theatrical adaptations with my team, Raksanna’s Desert Flames, A Near East Dance Ensemble. We premiered Confessions of a Belly Dancer© Off Broadway in NYC, in Chicago and in Kansas City. There [...]

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Alexandria – Music by Dr. Samy Farag

  • Belly dancer superstar Raksanna dancing to " Alexandria" Music Dr Samy Farag


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Raksanna & The Desert Flames

  • Raksanna and the Desert Flames - Habipti by Dr. Samy Farag