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  • Belly Dancer – Mystical

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    Belly Dancer - A Magical Creature - Sold by Zazzle Our frosted glass mug is our most versatile option. The 10-ounce mug is a perfect choice for tea, coffee, and cocoa as well as grogs, toddies, and mulled wines. The 16-ounce mug is styled as a beer stein and is ideal for a cold pint of brew. Whatever your size or style, your beverage will shine through with a frosted glass mug, making the perfect gift!
    • Available in 10-ounce or 16-ounce
    • Dimensions:
      • 10-ounce: 3.2” diameter x 3.8” h
      • 16-ounce: 3.4” diameter x 4.5" h
    • Microwave and dishwasher safe
    • Sturdy construction from frosted glass
    • White areas of your design will not print – they will be transparent, revealing the beverage inside
    • Meets or exceeds FDA requirements for food and beverage safety
    • Design printed on demand in San Jose, California
  • Confessions of a Belly Dancer Book Series

    Confessions: All Books in the Series

    Each book is $30 or less. Please note that price discounts are available via the publishers site.
    Confessions of a Belly Dancer - All of the stories from all of the dancers who performed in the popular off-Broadway series. Yes, actual books that you can touch. This links you directly to our publishers site so you can buy all of the series. Please note that price discounts are available via the publishers site.
  • Sunday classes at 1:00 ... Have fun learning to belly dance!  Beginning belly dance classes which focus on Egyptian style technique, the basics, combinations, group and solo choreography and all the same approach and first-class quality you are accustomed to, plus MORE. In addition to receiving the finest instruction in belly dance, you’ll learn how to project your energy and the nuances of stage performance.  You can expect the same level of first class quality and excellence in terms of visiting guest artists, haflas, and true Egyptian technique. Classes run on a six (6) week session schedule, with specific start and end dates for each session.
  • We are introducing a new opportunity that allows dancers to join the Jr. Ensemble! This new team is part of local productions presented on a real theater stage. We will explore different dance styles, costuming, acting, stage make up, and set design.  There are opportunities for solos and smaller group numbers, as well as larger stage pieces. Ensemble rehearsals run every Sunday and payments are due on the first of each month.  Monthly dues entitle students to both beginner and intermediate classes in addition to additional rehearsals and special choreographies and stage performances!  Please contact Raksanna in advance if you have interest in joining this junior troupe.
  • Water Bottle (18 oz - Sold by Zazzle) Drink more water. Your skin, hair, body, and mind will thank you. And now, drink out of a fully customizable water bottle and your sense of style will thank you as well. Dang, hydration never looked so good!
    • 18 oz. bottle.
    • Made with 18/8 stainless steel.
    • Height: 8.67" Weight: 8.7 oz.
    • 100% BPA free.
    • Comes with a threaded lid.
    • Lightweight and durable; crack proof, spill proof.
    • Does not give beverages a plastic taste.
    • Hand wash only. Not recommended for dishwasher.
    • Safe for refrigerator, but not freezer.
    • Certified free of harmful chemicals.