Most dancers are eager to quickly move up through the ranks. Raksanna’s award-winning, internationally acclaimed curriculum has been thoughtfully developed to create strong, educated dancers with technical proficiency and soulful artistry. There are protocols to moving up in class levels:

  • Belly Dance for FUN – Open to everyone. No pre-requisites. Themes vary between veil work and finger cymbals. Occasionally, a class theme features no accessories. Dancers must complete both veil and finger cymbals before moving into Junior Ensemble. Minimum time in Beginning: 12 weeks or 2 sessions. Dancers will also learn Stick, Veil, Cymbals, Drum Solo, Sword Dance, Double Veil and more. Several opportunities to participate in small shows throughout the year.
  • Junior Ensemble – Open to students who successfully complete two sessions of Belly Dance for FUN. Select students who have studied elsewhere or have previous experience can enter with instructor approval. One or two large productions per year.  There are no exams or auditions to progress to Intermediate Level.
  • Raksanna’s Desert Flames – Progressing to the professional troupe requires a comprehensive exam. Elements include a 1.5 hour technical proficiency exam and a 15 minute solo that includes 2/3 studio choreography, 1/3 original choreography and the use of the following props: finger cymbals, veil, choice of stick or sword and other props as desired. At least 5 minutes of the solo audition must be performed without the use of any props. Evaluation criteria includes technical ability, creativity, stage presence and more. Auditions are by invitation only. Contact Raksanna at for details.