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Raksanna Productions Reserved Rights2017-09-07T19:27:55-05:00

Raksanna Productions reserves the right to ask any client or guest to be quiet, to not disrupt a class, to leave any activity, program, class, and/or service, and/or to permanently remove any client from any purchased activity, program, class, and/or service, if the client or clients guest(s), were to conduct themselves in a manner considered unsuitable to the best interests of the remaining clients and/or guests. The determination of what behavior falls into this category is the sole discretion of Raksanna Productions.

Raksanna Productions reserves the right to alter or change any activity, program, class, service and/or any instructor for any activity, program, class, or service that may be offered as well as the associated fees without notice. An example of this would be, but not limited to, postponing or canceling any activity, program, class, or service due to insufficient enrollment.

Raksanna Productions reserves the right to ask any client of any activity, program, class, and/or service, to either 1) obtain a waiver from their physician to continue classes or 2) request they stop the physical activity and monitor the class. All classes and workshops contain physical activity and therefore a level of physical health, strength, fitness and flexibility is required. Raksanna Productions expects you have consulted with a physician before starting or changing any exercise, fitness or dance program. You are solely responsible for your health and well being.

Your decision to take classes or attend any event with Raksanna Productions indicates your acceptance of these reserved rights.

Private Lesson Cancellation2017-09-07T19:27:03-05:00

Private dance lessons, require a minimum cancellation notice of 48 hours. A $25 fee will be charged and the session is forfeited without the full 48 hours notice.

If I change my mind about attending a show, refunds?2017-09-07T19:26:24-05:00

When you register, Raksanna Productions, Inc. makes contractually-bound financial commitments based on your registration. Because Raksanna Productions, Inc. is bound to these agreements, it is not possible to offer refunds for any reason or circumstance.

All sales are final with no refunds, no transfer, no exchanges, no exceptions for any reason or circumstance.

Thank you, in advance, for not placing either of us in an awkward position by asking for an exception that will not be granted for any reason.

Are refunds available for tuition or purchases?2017-09-07T19:25:42-05:00

All sales, transactions and registrations final with no refunds, no transfers, no exchanges, no exceptions. Thank you, in advance, for not placing either of us in an awkward position by asking for an exception that will not be granted for any reason, without exception.

Can I get a discount on hotel rates?2017-09-07T19:24:41-05:00

We attempt to negotiate discounted rates for our events held at that hotel however that is not guaranteed. We will communicate this on an event by event basis.

I want to perform in the Got Hips show2017-09-07T19:24:05-05:00

Unlike haflas or dance festivals, where performance opportunities abound, Got Hips is the studio’s annual award ceremony and ball.  Studio students get recognized for their contributions and share their work and dance development with their families and loved ones. This happens in the first act of the show and is an integral part of the awards ceremony as awards and recognition is given in conjunction with student performances.

The second act of the show is aimed at giving students the opportunity to relax, enjoy the show and experience first-hand the excitement and energy of a professionally produced, first-class show, similar to what is seen in 5 Star Middle Eastern establishments.

Because of the primary intention for Got Hips, performance opportunities in the star show are exclusively reserved for the two dancers who audition for and are invited to perform in one of the two featured ‘paid for’ professional performance spot, the guest artist and Raksanna.

If you would like to perform, please make plans to audition for the two featured spots.

I’m coming from downtown Chicago. Is public transportation available?2017-09-07T19:22:44-05:00

Yes. Take the METRA Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) line from Union Station in Chicago to the NAPERVILLE station. Cabs are available but to avoid any delay we suggest calling for a pickup at least 20 minutes prior to your arrival.

Class Tuition2017-09-07T19:22:01-05:00
  • Drop In Rates (Cash or check; credit / debit cards please add 3% transaction fee)
    • Regular class rate – $20 per class
    • Intermediate and/or Junior Ensemble – $25 per rehearsal (must have prior instructor approval and scheduled appointment)
    • Desert Flames – not available
  • Regular Class – Belly Dance for FUN
    • 1.5 hours per week for 6 weeks (total of 9 hours instruction) – $98
  • Junior Theater Troupe – Near East Dance Ensemble
    • 3 hours per week PLUS regular classes included (1.5 hours per session) – SAVE – $175 due on the 1st of the month
What happens if I miss a class? Can I make it up?2017-09-07T19:21:17-05:00

If you miss a class, you can make up it up by attending another class. However, you must make the class up in the same session as you missed the class. There are no roll-overs to future sessions, credits or refunds. Any missed class that is not made up within the session is considered forfeit. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions to this rule.  Thank you in advance for not placing either of us in an uncomfortable position by asking for an exception that cannot be granted.

How do I move between class levels?2022-10-10T00:45:18-05:00

Most dancers are eager to quickly move up through the ranks. Raksanna’s award-winning, internationally acclaimed curriculum has been thoughtfully developed to create strong, educated dancers with technical proficiency and soulful artistry. There are protocols to moving up in class levels:

  • Belly Dance for FUN – Open to everyone. No pre-requisites. Themes vary between veil work and finger cymbals. Occasionally, a class theme features no accessories. Dancers must complete both veil and finger cymbals before moving into Junior Ensemble. Minimum time in Beginning: 12 weeks or 2 sessions. Dancers will also learn Stick, Veil, Cymbals, Drum Solo, Sword Dance, Double Veil and more. Several opportunities to participate in small shows throughout the year.
  • Junior Ensemble – Open to students who successfully complete two sessions of Belly Dance for FUN. Select students who have studied elsewhere or have previous experience can enter with instructor approval. One or two large productions per year.  There are no exams or auditions to progress to Intermediate Level.
  • Raksanna’s Desert Flames – Progressing to the professional troupe requires a comprehensive exam. Elements include a 1.5 hour technical proficiency exam and a 15 minute solo that includes 2/3 studio choreography, 1/3 original choreography and the use of the following props: finger cymbals, veil, choice of stick or sword and other props as desired. At least 5 minutes of the solo audition must be performed without the use of any props. Evaluation criteria includes technical ability, creativity, stage presence and more. Auditions are by invitation only. Contact Raksanna at Raksanna@raksanna.com for details.
Client Assumes Responsibility for Any Injuries2017-09-01T17:15:57-05:00

Clients and guests assume all responsibility and liability for any and all injuries that may sustained due to participation in any activity or service offered by or through Raksanna Productions that the client, their heirs, assignees, guardians, parents, and legal representative will not make any claim against, sue, or attach the property of, any of the hosts, instructors, recommendors, companies, organizers, or participants in any activity or service offered by or through, Raksanna Productions to include, but not limited to: Roxanne Larcher, David Gore and/or Raksanna Productions, and its staff, for injury or damage resulting from participation in any activity or service offered by or through Raksanna Productions. Further release is provided all such hosts, instructors, recommendors, company employee benefit programs, organizers, participants, their employees, agents and heirs, guardians, parents, children, and legal representatives now and hereafter from any and all liability for any and all personal injury, illness, loss of or damage to property associated with my participation in any activity or service offered by or through, Raksanna Productions.

Class Etiquette2022-10-10T00:42:55-05:00

For the best experience for you and your belly dancing colleagues, please adhere to the following rules:

  • Belly dance is fun! Raksanna’s community embraces all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. We do not compete with each other; we reserve competition for Raksanna and the Desert Flames, our professional competition team – who participates in competitions with other dance teams (not with dancers within our studio community).
  • Respect your teacher. In Eastern cultures, the teacher is given great respect for the sacrifices made and dedication to mastering the art form. At Raksanna’s, every faculty member has spent years – if not decades – fine tuning her craft, studying the culture, training her mind and developing her body.
  • Punctuality shows respect. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the start of class/rehearsal so that you can get situated and be in your dance spot at the start of class. For Advanced/Professional students, there is a $20 fee if you are late to class or rehearsal. This money goes into to collection and is applied to various expenses such as props, music, rental fees, etc.
  • Have fun with your dance attire! Please be sure to wear your hip scarf, form-fitting clothing that is easy to move in (think yoga, dance gear or exercise clothing – avoid sweats, skirts or street wear as these are inappropriate and hinder your ability to dance) and go either barefoot or wear supportive dance shoes (black soles are not permitted as they leave marks on the floor). You can glam it up with some jewelry, too, but please do not wear perfumes or heavy scents as many people have asthma and/or severe allergic reactions to fragrances.
  • Be prepared! Bring your dance notebook and pen, veil, finger cymbals or other props used in the dance routine. While the studio has a limited supply of “for borrow” items, it is your responsibility to bring your own supplies and props to class. Also, please spend some time on your own in between class meetings to practice the dance so that you can get the most out of our class time together.
  • Ask questions – to the teacher! Feel free to ask questions while in class – odds are high that other fellow students will have the same question or a similar one. However, please direct the question to the teacher and not a fellow student. Not only is it disruptive and rude to talk to each other during class time, only the teacher can truly provide the accurate answer to the question – especially if it is about technique, history, culture or choreography.
  • Be open-minded and positive!  At Raksanna’s, we embrace positive energy, new opportunities and expanding our horizons. Negative Nellie’s bring everyone down, so avoid complaining and criticizing. The negative energy brought about by complaining creates a difficult environment that is hard to turn around. There is no place for Negative Nellie’s in our community and no tolerance for poor attitudes.
  • No one likes a know-it-all. Avoid being one! Yes, you may have had training before at another location and with other teachers. You do have valid knowledge and experience. However, please remember that when you are a student in a class, you are a student. Let the teacher teach. Every faculty member at Raksanna’s is trained through a formal, comprehensive apprenticeship course that includes both a technical and written exam. They deserve respect and honor. Please ask questions and clarification, but do not openly challenge the faculty’s expertise. If you do have questions, please ask it diplomatically or come to the faculty member after class for clarification. If the faculty asks for your opinion, please be concise and open, then give your attention back to the faculty member.
  • Follow the curriculum. Raksanna’s program is internationally acclaimed and award-winning. It was strategically created to make sure that dancers build a strong foundation and progress through their development in a logical, authentic way. If you are taking a lower level class than you typically take, please follow the instructor. Avoid improvising or doing your own thing – not only is it rude and distracting to other students, you rob yourself of the opportunity to perfect your technique and make the difference between being good and being great.
  • Stick with it! Continue with the class to the best of your ability throughout the entire class meeting time. If you do have to step out or for some reason (cramps, headache, tired, etc.), try to sit and observe the class. You can learn so much by watching and taking notes. Watch how other students move, how the instructor teaches and try to visualize yourself doing the movements with the class.
  • Limit talking and giggling in class. Yes, have fun in belly dance, but please remember that all students have paid money for their tuition and are making sacrifices to attend class. The best time for catching up with friends is before or after class, but not during class.
What are the class days and times2022-10-10T00:44:05-05:00

Belly Dance for FUN! (beginner and intermediate level)

  • Thursday, 7:30, Center Stage Theater
  • Sundays, 1:00-2:00 pm, Center Stage Theater

Intermediate and Junior Theater Troupe
(Near East Dance Ensemble –  instructor approval required for entrance)

  • Sundays, 2:00-3:30 pm, Center Stage Theater

Desert Flames (Advanced Professional Troupe)
(Instructor approval required for entrance)

  • Sundays, 3:30-6:00 pm, Center Stage Theater
Where are classes held?2017-09-01T17:08:04-05:00

Classes held at:

Eola Community Center
555 S Eola Rd
Aurora IL 60564

Here’s a link to a map

Private lessons are available – by appointment only and held at Raksanna’s private studio


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