Unlike haflas or dance festivals, where performance opportunities abound, Got Hips is the studio’s annual award ceremony and ball.  Studio students get recognized for their contributions and share their work and dance development with their families and loved ones. This happens in the first act of the show and is an integral part of the awards ceremony as awards and recognition is given in conjunction with student performances.

The second act of the show is aimed at giving students the opportunity to relax, enjoy the show and experience first-hand the excitement and energy of a professionally produced, first-class show, similar to what is seen in 5 Star Middle Eastern establishments.

Because of the primary intention for Got Hips, performance opportunities in the star show are exclusively reserved for the two dancers who audition for and are invited to perform in one of the two featured ‘paid for’ professional performance spot, the guest artist and Raksanna.

If you would like to perform, please make plans to audition for the two featured spots.