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There are only two performance spots open for GotHips gala show. Both spots are ‘paid for’ professional opportunities that are open for auditions.

Here are instructions on how to audition for one of the two professional “paid for” spots in the star-studded show.

  • Submit your registration and indicate to Raksanna via email you want to audition.
  • Local dancers within driving distance to the studio:
  • Out-of-town dancers:
    • You’ll need either a webcam or the technical ability to audition via Skype or web conference. In the next few weeks, technical details will be emailed to you so you can prepare for the audition.
    • On audition date, connect with the team via the web.
  • Participate in the audition.
  • Within three days, you will receive feedback on your audition.
  • If you are selected as one of the professional ‘paid for’ dancers, you will receive an invitation with your feedback. You have two business days to accept or decline the invitation.
  • The performance in the show should be the same or close to the piece used in audition. Depending on show needs, the piece may be one long piece or two shorter pieces, divided into separate numbers.
  • Payment is made in cash, following the show.

Audition pieces:

  • Must be a minimum of 7 minutes
  • Cannot exceed 12 minutes
  • Pieces do not meet time limit requirements are penalized and subject to elimination
  • Should be done in full costume and make up
  • Should demonstrate depth and breadth of knowledge and be multi-dimensional (ie: incorporate more than one genre of dance, such as Oriental and Saidi)
  • Must have an element based on Egyptian style dance
  • Can include a fusion element
  • Are evaluated on the following characteristics: stage presence, time limit, appropriateness of costume to music, professional appearance, entertainment value, professional mixing of music, choreography, artistry

Auditions are OPEN. Feedback from audition observers is collected and strongly considered when making the final selections. Those who observe auditions are also paying customers and as such, have a voice in making the decision as to which performances they feel are worthy of a $99 dinner and show ticket.

Feedback from the auditions are collected and shared with the dancer who is auditioning. The reason is that as dancers, we can all benefit from feedback and use the suggestions to grow and develop. Additionally, one of the fundamental values of our studio is the belief in open, honest and direct communication. By providing candid feedback, we enhance our inter-studio relationships and strengthen our community bonds.

Results are publicly announced within two weeks of invitations. Photos, names, videos and other materials may be used for marketing purposes.

Groups may also audition for one of the featured spots, but if selected, are paid the standard Got Hips performance fee to the team leader for distribution as s/he sees fit.